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Emergent Health Corp.
is a public company (trading under the symbol EMGE) dedicated to the betterment of its shareholders and product consumers. We believe we have a developing product line to become a leader in the field of Regenerative Medicine and improved neutraceuticals and phytonutritionals to be available to the general public without a prescription. At the present time the star ship products will be:

which is our trademarked and patented product designed to enhance the immune system, nourish stem cells and maintain optimal health. It is ethically marketed through Health Food Stores.

which is our trademarked and patented product to nourish stem cells and act as a methyl donor to protect DNA and add to quality and quantity of life. It is ethically marketed through dispensing Physicians.

which is our trademarked and patent pending product designed to help lose weight by stopping appetite naturally in the brain and stomach simultaneously. It is ethically marketed through Health Food Stores.

EmergentO2(TM) Water Oxygenator
which is our proprietary answer to portably improving drinking water by increasing oxygen in your blood stream, killing germs and a whole lot more. It is sold ethically through Health Food Stores and dispensing Physicians

other patent pending products under which we are licensed to market at the appropriate time.

Other channels of distribution including mass marketing and infomercials are under review.

The field of Regenerative Medicine is one discussed by the National Institute of Health here.

We have developed this site as a source of information about our company, our products and our plans. We believe an open line of communication between our shareholders, consumers and all those with whom we come into contact is valuable and time well spent. We hope you enjoy your visit here and as you learn about our products and plans that you will join us in some way. Please visit our other pages to learn more and see if Emergent Health Corp. can assist you in any way.

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